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Rollkur, after FEI “Rondtable” results :
Colonel Carde Point of View

Colonel Carde : Response to the FEI statement regarding the Feb.9th FEI roundtable on Rollkur/Hyperflexion
I am not surprised with the outcome of the meeting. Had the FEI truly condemned the hyper flexion of the neck, it would have rejected the training technique behind the success of a triple Olympic champion, and disowned the judges, trainers and riders who have benefited from it until now.
In reading the text of the FEI’s press release, we find that the FEI is now authorizing Hyperflexion when it is obtained without force (“Using the technique known as Low, Deep, Round (LDR), which achieves flexion without under force in acceptable”.) It appears the roundtable of February 9th did not really change anything.
To justify its position, the FEI committee implied that Rollkur and LDR are different. They chose to completely ignore the history of Rollkur. One must remember that this training technique was developed by trainer Sjef Janssen who baptized it “Low, Deep and Round”. It then became commonly referred to as Rollkur by Swede Theresa Sandin on her website. Without a doubt, Rollkur and LDR are exactly the same technique as all the pictures published on this topic can attest to.
In reality, it would have been better to set aside Rollkur and LDR which are one and the same, and focus the discussion instead on hyper flexion, which is easier to define. To forbid Rollkur and authorize LDR is meaningless. It is akin to forbidding the consumption of pork but allowing pig!
In the final analysis, the conclusions arrived at by the FEI will only be valid if the FEI produces different photos showcasing on the one hand, the difference between Rollkur and LDR, and on the other hand photos showing horses in the authorized LDR posture. Otherwise, the ambiguity will remain.
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arobase :
Le 25/02/2010 à 17h25

je me suis peut être bêtement réjouie du résultat de la table ronde de la FEI qui exlue la contrainte forcée de la Rollkûr et projette de surveiller les détentes avec des cameras. pour moi rollkur et LDR ne sont pas la même chose, et dans la dernière pratique , il n'y a aucune contrainte. mais peut être n'ai je rien compris. en tous cas , si l'on ne voit plus de chevaux avec le nez dans le thorax,l'écume aux lèvres, la nuque cassée, ni sur les terrains ni sur les détentes ce serait quand même un grand progrès
is not it?

Article publié le 24-09-2009

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