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By Laetitia Bataille, Chief Editor

N°6 2013 Sept/Oct.
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Laetitia Bataille

In this new issue of iCheval Savoir –your online horse magazine- we are happy to offer you once more a wide panel of subjects on horses and riding skills.
Pierre Beaupère, a professional rider and teacher, has given us in the previous issues (see iCS # 4 and # 5) some advice to help you acquire the right and efficient dressage position. In this new article, he tells us about the “active position” in canter. “The canter is a traitor”, he says, “because even if the movement of the horse’s back is relatively simple, it makes beginners tense so they get pushed out of the saddle at every stride. For beginners fear goes away quickly, but sadly without correcting a bad seat… but this is also the case for some very advanced riders”. Pierre provides advice for everyone… So let’s go dancing the Salsa!

In this issue, you will also find some outstanding interviews :Marieta Salas, of the Ses Planes stud in Spain, gives us some of her views on Arabian horse breeding. And we are honoured to publish an exclusive interview of a top-level show-jumping rider from Qatar, HH Sheikh Ali Al Thani. He will be one of the stars of the Finale of the Longines Global Champions Tour in Doha in November.

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Article publié le 31-10-2013

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