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Souvenirs of Equita’Lyon

The Equita’Lyon is an event not to be missed –lots going on – lots of emotion and top level competition… lots of inspiration for photos. Our photographer Laure Vargas went behind the scenes of the CSI5* the veritable highlight of the show. She has captured some of the greatest riders (and horses) in tender or humorous moments that made up Equita'Lyon 2013.
VLD Groep Verdi
VLD Groep Verdi winner of the CCI5* gets a loving kiss on the nose from his groom. © L.Vargas/SPP Prod
Kévin Staut
Kevin Staut eyeing up the competition on the big screen – his horse doesn’t want to watch!
© L.Vargas/SPP Prod
Bosty – a smiley person © L.Vargas/SPP Prod

Simon Delestre René Lopez

What’s the joke?… Relaxed competitors – left Simon Delestre... right René Lopez - happy Columbian rider – he clearly got the joke! © L.Vargas/SPP Prod
The cutting edge
The cutting edge – cow unimpressed by the flying sand and twirling horse – mooooo - seen it all before.
© L.Vargas/SPP Prod
Maikel van der Vleuten
Maikel van der Vleuten - winner of the CSI5* slightly pensive before returning to the arena for the prize giving. © L.Vargas/SPP Prod

Pénélope Leprevost Pénélope and Bosty

A smiling Penelope – what has Bosty been saying to her?
© L.Vargas/SPP Prod
It's not a fall... it's just for fun ! Equita'Lyon is also well known for its numerous and artistic shows.
© L.Vargas/SPP Prod
Patrice Delaveau and his daughter
Patrick Delaveau – change of role – taking his daughter for a ride. © L.Vargas/SPP Prod
King Star Winder
Breeding classes at Equita’Lyon - a Quarter Horse stallion shown along with his daughter born this year.
© L.Vargas/SPP Prod

H.H. Sheikh Ali Al Thani Ludger Beerbaum

Left – H.H. Sheikh Ali Al Thani looking for his horse and groom in the paddock… Right – Ludger Beerbaum on the buckle end walking round the outside of the salon. © L.Vargas/SPP Prod

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