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Gucci Masters in Paris

The Gucci Masters that take place in the Salon du Cheval in Paris are among the outstanding show-jumpings of the indoor season.
A very high level competition with a touch of class !

Since 2009 when the competition was launched in Paris, the Gucci Masters immediately established as one of the world's most prestigious indoor equestrian shows, offering an exceptional sporting experience in a luxurious setting, with sponsors such as Gucci, Audi and Rolex.
EEM World is the creator and owner of the Masters of Show Jumping, and is thrilled to announce that an inaugural Hong Kong Masters will take place in March 2012, as well as an inaugural New York Masters in 2012.

Conférence Gucci
Christophe Ameuw, Jean-Luc Poulain, Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, Nelson Pessoa, Kevin Staut and Pénélope Leprévost. © L.Bataille

A press conference was held on thursday evening in Paris-Villepinte, with Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, who points out the new organisation of the event, and especially the paddock pony games for the youg riders.

Jean-Luc Poulain is happy to note that the Gucci Masters and the Salon du Cheval have become a whole, a huge screen allowing the visitors in Hall 5 to watch the Gucci Masters.

« This year, we expect about 130,000 visitors, and maybe more », Jean-Luc Poulain says. Our moving from the center of Paris to Villepinte was a very goog thing : visitors are just as numerous as before, and besides, we are close to the Charles de Gaulle Aiport, which makes it easier for all foreigh visitors to come.

Affiche Gucci Masters
© D.R.

Our magazine is happy to know that the "big boss" of the Salon du Cheval is himself a keen horseman, rider and driver. He tells Cheval Savoir « I've been driving a pair of french cobs from Normandy,they were sturdy and generous. Today I'm more interested in KWPN horses : they have amazing gaits, but sometimes they are not as bold as necessary for driving. But I never saw one with a bad temper.... ».

Nelson Pessoa, Kevin Staut, Penelope Leprévost. © L.Bataille

EEM's Christophe Ameeuw said : « Without Nelson et Rodrigo Pessoa, together with Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, we would not have reached this goal. Our aim is now to have this event going on and grow. We must keep finding new ideas, such as the "Gucci by Gucci" or the Top Ten final Show Jumping.
Here in Paris, the spectators are especilly excited to see two french riders, Kevin Staut (n° 7 in the Rolex ranking) and Simon Delestre (n°10)

Gucci Masters
Parc des Expositions – Hall 5B
Paris Nord Villepinte
95970 Roissy Charles de Gaulle

Salon du Cheval de Paris 2011
Cheval Savoir
Cheval Savoir, official Partner of the Salon du Cheval in Paris-Villepinte.

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