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Gucci by Gucci Challenge in Paris : amazing Rolf Göran Bengtsson !

The Gucci by Gucci Challenge took place on saturday afternoon in the Salon du Cheval of Paris-Villepinte with fences 1,50 m high and a jump-off.
Swedish rider Rof-Göran Bengtsson, riding the Holsteiner Quintero La Silla, was a sparkling winner.

He won this challenge last year, he wins it today again. Rolf- Göran Bengtsson, the current European Champion, is a specialist of highly technical and brilliant courses.
He really flew over the impressive fences of that tough course, that needed high skills to cope with very short turns when facing some vertical fences.

The winners of the Gucci by Gucci Masters
The winners of the Gucci by Gucci Masters listen to the Swedish national anthem. © L.Bataille

The Gucci by Gucci is a thrilling challenge between twenty riders (ten ladies, ten gentlemen) on a huge course with two rounds.
This evening in Paris, the boys were the great winners, with fantastic Swedish rider Rolf-Göran Bengtsson performing an outstanding exhibition of highly technical riding, at very high speed. He achieved the course with almost one second less than German rider Christian Ahlman riding Codex One, who took the second place.

Christian Ahlmann
Christian Ahlmann was second in the Gucci by Gucci Challenge. © L.Bataille

"After throwing a look at the clock, I thought I was OK with the time", Christian Ahlman explained, "and I let my horse have an extra stride before the last fence... it's precisely that extra stride that Rolf did not do ! ".
On third step climbed French rider Simon Delestre, with his grey Oldenburger stallion, Couletto.
Ladies will have to try hard next year !

Rolf's hose Quintero behaved particularly well after the course, showing great calm as he walked along the arena in a beautiful, collected walk, Rolf holding the reins very lightly. The horse also stood perfectly still for more than ten minutes as photographs were taken.
Cheval Savoir spoke with Rolf and told him how amazing it was to see a horse being so quiet right away after having gone through highly demanding work and a high level of excitement. "Yes, I was amazed myself, as the horse was pretty nervous yesterday. I could feel he was completely relaxed after the second round. I think he just felt he had done his job well...".

Results of the CSI5* Gucci by Gucci Challenge

  1. Quintero La Silla, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE)
  2. Codex One, Christian Ahlmann (GER)
  3. Couletto, Simon Delestre (FRA)
  4. Dundee vd Dwerse Hagen Pius Schwizer (SWI)
  5. Chiara 222, Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
  6. Bella Donna 66 Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER)
  7. Simon Beezie Madden (USA)
  8. Mic Mac du Tillard, Angelica Augustsson (SWE)
  9. Romanov Billy Twomey (IRL)
  10. AD Norson, Alvaro de Miranda Neto (BRA)
Gucci Masters 2011
Salon du Cheval de Paris 2011
Cheval Savoir
Cheval Savoir, official Partner of the Salon du Cheval in Paris-Villepinte.
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