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Global Champions Tour in Wiesbaden : Olivier Guillon wins the Grand Prix

French rider Olivier Guillon won the Grand prix of the fourth leg of the prestigious GCT last week-end in Wiesbanden (Germany).

A surprise in the opening Class 1 of the CSI 5* : eighteen-year-old Angelina Herröder was ecstatic after beating a strong field of world class show jumping talent. The local youngster from nearby Frankfurt clinched victory on Pico’s Boy in 66.21 ahead of top French rider Simon Delestre on Valentino Velvet, who had been very successful last week in Francfurt) finished second in 69.36.

Simon Delestre and Olivier Guillon
When French riders walk the course... © GCT/Sportfot

After her lap of honour she said : “Normally Pico’s Boy is not so fast but today he was fantastic. I am so happy with this result.” Third came the rider from Saudi Arabia Kamal Bahamdan with his french mare Noblesse de Tess.

Sergio Alvarez Moya
Star Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya with Abab van het Molenhof. © GCT/Sportfot

Star Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya hit top gear on Saturday winning the first CSI5* of the day ahead of the evening's Grand Prix highlight. It was the latest in a series of stunning victories for Sergio since the 2012 GCT season started.
Sergio whipped round the course on in 57.56 soaring over the fences straight from the start, riding his horse. Second place rider Ben Maher was another fast combination and devoured the huge space between the fences to finish in 59.51 on Aristo Z. To the delight of the massive home crowd at GCT’s first show in Wiesbaden, German rider Philipp Weishaupt on Leoville took third place on 59.79. 

Olivier Guillon wins the Grand Prix

In the Grand Prix, Olivier Guillon riding Lord de Theize and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum riding Bella Donna were the only two combinations to jump clear in the first two rounds.
After the jump-off, the victory was for the French rider, who was very fair-play and admitted he would not have beaten Meredith if she had been riding her star horse Shutterfly, who retired last year.

Olivier Guillon
Olivier Guillon riding Lord de Theize won the fourth leg of the Champions Tour à Wiesbaden.
© GCT/Sportfot

But Olivier piloted his French gelding smoothly over the Longines oxer to finish in 55.59, his first GCT Grand Prix victory. He said a lot of riders had difficulty with the line to the triple combination, which resulted in some of the biggest stars in show jumping clocking up faults.

"It would not have been smart to push her too far"

Meredith has a lot of hope in Bella Donna, and said she was careful not to take too many risks with tight turns because of Bella Donna’s lack of experience at the 1.60m Grand Prix height. She said : “We are not really at the point to go faster with those size of fences. It would not have been smart to push her that far. I was looking to bring her along for the future and protect her.

Meredith Michaels-Berrbaum
Meredith Michaels-Berrbaum riding Bella Donna. © GCT/Sportfot

GCT President Jan Tops said : “It was a great first time here, the weather was good for us and there was great sport and it is nice to see two new people on the podium. This makes it very exciting for the whole year. The whole Tour is more open for the overall winner.
Jan Tops also gave news from his wife Edwina Tops-Alexander who had been taken to hospital after a nasty fall off her horse Cevo Socrates, and said she would leave hospital soon and only suffers from concussion.

Résults Grand Prix GCT Wiesbaden

  1. Lord de Theize, Olivier Guillon, FRA
  2. Bella Donna, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (ALL)
  3. Baldo DS, Manuel Anon (ESP)
  4. Cocoshynsky, Emanuele Guadiano (ITA)
  5. Maestro de la Loge, Julien Epaillard (FRA)
  6. Tripple X, Ben Mahler (GBR)
  7. Blue Angel, Lauren Hough, (USA)
  8. Valentino Velvet, Simon Delestre (FRA)
  9. Cristallo, Richard Spoonez (USA)
  10. Al Hawaier Arizone Pie 9, Bassem Hassan Mohammed (Qatar)
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