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Global Champions Tour in Estoril : Roger-Yves Bost clocks up a double win

Speed demon Roger-Yves Bost takes first place in the opening Table A 5* class in Estoril, Portugal, and also wins the Prix Mercedes Benz on Saturday afternoon.

The French rider lived up to his speedy reputation winning two classes in the seventh leg of the Global Champions Tour in Estoril. He says " I started very young riding ponies very fast and I know the speed classes well. My horse is so fast I don’t have to take risks."

Roger-Yves Bost
French rider « Bosty » has his own style… but always a very light handling of the reins. © GCT/Sportfot

During the opening Table A 5* class, there were moments of sporting drama as two of his key challengers had surprise problems on their rounds. Christian Ahlmann and Sergio Alvarez Moya were both at the end of the running order and in with a good chance of seizing victory from Roger-Yves.

But Ahlmann’s gelding Firth of Clyde had a sharp refusal at the very first fence and was almost unseated. And Sergio almost came off after his horse Sirius stumbled after the GCT upright. Sergio made a brilliant recovery but Sirius was clearly unsettled and put in a stop at the double combination. German rider Mario Stevens, in his first GCT Estoril, came second with a smooth, quick clear in 59.63 on Corlanda OLD. Italian Emanuele Gaudiano on Admara 2 was third.

Roger-Yves Bost
Roger-Yves Bost dashes to victory on Castle Forbes Cosma. © GCT/Sportfot

Bosty went on setting a cracking pace on his star speed horse Castle Forbes Cosma to seize the Prix Mercedes Benz (a build-up fot the the saturday evening Grand Prix of Portugal) in two phases with riders needing to go clear in the first round and then go for speed in the second phase.

The 1m45 course was designed to invite riders to go all out for speed and Bost and Belgian Gregory Wathelet, who finished in second place, certainly delivered.
Bost started lower down the 34-strong field and immediately hit the gas to chase the lead time of 30.90 set by Belgian rider Gregory Wathelet on his statuesque 10-year-old chestnut mare Banda de Hus. Wathelet made a super turn into the red and white casino upright and was fast by the time he turned from the Jaeger-LeCoultre fence to the final jump. But Bost was unrelenting and when a rail on the double was rattled but held, he was on his way to victory in 30.58.
Mario Stevens of Germany was on a mission to notch up another success at the GCT Estoril and duly performed a super double clear in 31.07 earning him third place.

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Article publié le 16-07-2012

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