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GCT in Chantilly : A victory for Ahlmann, Simon Delestre second

Christian Ahlmann polished off another GCT victory, sending out a strong signal ahead of tomorrow’s Grand Prix. Simon Delestre, who had won the Prix du Domaine de Chantilly against the clock the day before, was a brilliant second.

It was a big, difficult 1,45m course, with 12 fences. The downward slope to the triple combination caused problems for many of the riders.
This really challenging course delivered only 9 clear rounds out of 43. But Jessica Springsteen of the USA, amazing young rider Cindy van der Straten-Marie of Belgium, Britain’s Scott Brash, Frenchman Philippe Rozier, Marcus Ehning of Germany and American Laura Kraut all jumped clear. Whereas top riders like Beezie Madden (USA), Roger-Yves Bost, Ben Maher, Patrice Delaveau et Rolf-Göran Bengtsson all knocked poles down.

Christian Ahlman
Christian Ahlman with his 10 year old mare, Lorena. © Sportfot/CGT had a battle to keep Lorena contained as the horse was fresh around but managed to make the difficult course easy, pulling off the winning time of 66.46 ahead of fast Frenchman Simon Delestre riding Whisper on 66.83. Simon who looks in shape in this GCT of Chantilly, had won the Grand Prix du Domaine de Chantilly against the clock the day before.

Simon Delestre
Simon Delestre was second in the GCT in Chantilly. © L.Bataille

Christian Ahlmann said he was really pleased with Lorena : “She is a really quick horse. I wanted to see how she feels so I took a little bit more risk from jump to jump. I can’t complain.

Leading American rider McLain Ward will also be at the London Olympics and was in classic form today coming in third on Rothchild in 69.42.

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Article publié le 24-07-2012

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